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A nice little turtle at Hamilton Creek

Hamilton Creek Mountain Bike Park is the only mountain biking park within Nashville and Davidson County, TN. Located at 2901 Bell Rd, Nashville, TN 37217 - between Nashville's Metropolitan Airport and Percy Priest Lake adjacent to the Sailboat Marina, Hamilton Creek consists of two trails connected by a tunnel that goes under Bell Road. It is considered one of the most technically challenging trail systems in Middle Tennessee. Originally created as a result of outlawed riding at Percy Warner Parks, the trail system is now over 15 years old and is currently being rehabilitated to I.M.B.A. standards through volunteer efforts. The Trails are situated on Army Corps of Engineer property and are managed by Metro Parks and Recreation.

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Hamilton Creek Trail Map

The Lakeside Trail (sometimes referred to as the "Novice Loo" or "East Trail") winds through 3.3 miles of cedar groves and limestone rock outcroppings giving the rider a unique "single-track" experience. There is nothing "novice" about this trail. Some features and challenges of this trail include log jumps, the "Triple Op Drop," the "Photo Op Drop" (where riders frequently take pictures of fellow riders riding off this two-foot drop), and "The Slot" (aka: Rock Moguls Field). When rehabilitation of this trail is complete, the Lakeside Trail will stretch about 5 miles with more views of the lake.

The Pinnacle Trail (sometimes referred to as the "Advanced Loop" or "West Trail") has gradual climbs through 7.0 miles of some of the best scenery in Middle Tennessee. In the spring, Redbud Trees, fields of Daffodils and Honeysuckle line the trail. In the fall, the numerous varieties of species provide masses of color. The trail even winds around an antique blue Plymouth car that is a mystery even to this day on how it got there! Even though the Pinnacle Trail has an open meadow serving as a helipad for Emergency Air Rescue access, it is not much more difficult technically than the Lakeside Trail. Generally speaking, what makes this trail harder is that it is twice the length of the Lakeside Trail. Some of the features of this trail are "The Pinnacle Climb", "The Mayan Pyramid," "The Tub," "The Appian Way," and "Cliff/Ravine Split." This trail is slated for major rehabilitation at some point in the future. Even though Metro Parks has never spent money on mountain bike trail construction, this is expected to change in 2006 as the Pinnacle Trail is slated to begin reconstruction planning.

Trail Rules:
  • 1. Ride Open Trails only.
  • 2. Leave no trace.
  • 3. Be sensitive to trails. DO NOT Ride when wet.
  • 4. Control Your Bike.
  • 5. Always yield the trail.
  • 6. Respect wildlife.
  • 7. Plan Ahead. Know your equipment and the area.
  • 8. Always wear a helmet.
  • 9. Frequent obstacles are a part of mountain biking. Many riders enjoy the challenge presented by riding over rocks and logs. The Pinnacle Trail is designed to test a rider's skills. The Lakeside Trail is designed to present fewer challenges. Please do not remove any obstacles from the trail without prior approval from Metro Parks.
  • 10. Motorized vehicles prohibited.

Trail Safety Tips.

As stated above, please wear a helmet. They don?t cost too much. Your local bike shop can help you. Visit the Trails Page at Nashille Mountain Bike for a list of local shops.

Bring lots of water. Hydrating yourself during exercise is important. Hydration packs are an easy way to carry water and supplies such as energy bars and an extra tire tube. CamelBak is one brand many of riders like. Again, your local bike shop can help you.

Bring a cell phone. Hamilton Creek has good coverage from most companies.

Print a trail map from this site and carry it with you. The first aid markers indicated, are access points to the trail if you need help. Refer emergency workers to the closest marker if you?re hurt.

Bring a spare tire tube and mini air pump (they?re cheap) and know how to change a flat.

There is ?no shame? in walking your bike around an obstacle beyond your experience.

Bring a friend. It is always safer to ride with a buddy. There are many opportunities to make new riding friends through the Hamcreek Message Board. Group rides are always fun.


Another great way to meet new mountain bike friends is volunteering for one of the monthly Trail Improvement Days posted on this site. We are the ?Volunteer State? after all! Trail days are more fun than you would think and not only do you make some great friends, you get to ride on a section of trail that you helped build or maintain giving you a real sense of ownership of Hamilton Creek. We usually have a cookout and a group ride after. Try to come out to at least one a year, but never feel guilty about not volunteering. Everyone understands that you need to ride when you have the time. Enjoy the trails!

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Park Contacts:

Lisa King - Metro Parks
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